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As a new speech-language pathologist (SLP), I never anticipated my augmentative alternative communication (AAC) classes and training in graduate school would become the very catalyst that allows me to help so many people today.

Like most graduates, I had a clear career path I thought I’d take after school. I wanted to work in the medical setting, primarily with adults. But, as life often does, it led me down a totally different path when I relocated to Florida and began an SLP position at a school working with children who had a wide variety of speech and language disorders.

It wasn’t long before I began applying the helpful and extremely valuable AAC practices in my day to day interaction with children experiencing complex communication needs.

It felt so fulfilling to help these precious boys and girls with such ease and confidence, but I quickly realized that I was alone in my abilities to serve these kids through effective AAC therapy that emphasizes language and play.

I was surrounded by such amazing SLPs who just didn’t have the same opportunities and resources I had acquired over the years. I so desperately wanted to bridge the gap for SLPs in the trenches so they too could provide evidence-based therapy that presumes competence in our patients and clients.

And so, Beach Therapy was born. I provide SLPs the training and techniques I’ve spent years refining that help patients use the most effective and efficient communication technologies today. But more importantly, I exist to equip and inspire SLPs to help their patients and clients find their voice, help families find relief, and provide the opportunity for our clients with complex communications needs to show the world who they truly are.

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To work with Kacy Barron for AAC workshops, presentations, and consultations, please email Kacy at [email protected] 


Publications from Kacy Barron

Gladfelter, A., Barron, K. L., & Johnson, E. (2019). Visual and verbal semantic productions in children with ASD, DLD, and typical language. Journal of Communication Disorders82, 105921. doi: 10.1016/j.jcomdis.2019.105921

Kreger, K. L. (2016). The production of semantic representations in children with specific language impairment, autism spectrum disorder, and typical language development (Graduate thesis, NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY).


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