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In so many ways, my story isn’t unique.


But it holds so much wisdom.


Like so many other Americans, I went to college and got a master’s degree. Fast forward three years after graduation, I was working a big-girl job, and one evening I wound up crying in my bedroom, sobbing into a pillow because I was miserable and couldn’t pinpoint what was making me so unhappy. 


You see, I had no reason to be unhappy. I had paid off my student loans (74k in 16 months!!), I was making good money... I had done all the “right” things. I had married the love of my life, we had the cutest dog, I lived on an island for God’s sake… what could possibly be missing?


What was missing was that I wasn’t fully embracing my true self- my higher self.


I was feeling limited at work, and was essentially feeling stuck in a “box.”


So I stumbled into the world of entrepreneurship. And I found my people. People who had had similar experiences, and had come out with the revelation that being your own boss was the ultimate freedom.


At the same time, I awakened a part of myself that had been missing out on living- a part that needed spiritual mentors and coaches to wake it up. Working on my personal development and business skills hand in hand, I began to see that the two needed to work together for me to be successful in my life and in my business.


I fully believe that unlocking your intuition will lead to business success. I know for me that once I began to work in alignment with who I was becoming, that everything began to fall into place.


I never imagined that I’d be working with coaches who want to grow into their spiritual gifts while growing a business with a healthy money mindset. That I’d help coaches charge their worth, step into their higher self, and grow a business faster than they ever thought possible.


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