From Drowning in Debt to Debt Free

How one SLP crawled out of the hole of student loan debt in 16 months.

Learn how to pay off your gigantic (or maybe not-so-gigantic-but-still-a-pain-in-the-butt) student loans and other debts in an E-Book written for speech-language-pathologists (SLPs) and soon-to-be SLPs who don't want to be "normal" and take 10 years (or more) to pay off their student loans. 

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Pictured: Kacy Barron and her Husband, Spencer Barron on the Dave Ramsey Show

On October 11th, 2019, Kacy and Spencer went to Nashville to do their debt free scream on the Dave Ramsey Show. They paid off 74k in 16 months- and most of that time it was just Kacy using her income as a speech-language pathologist to pay off the debt (as most of the debt was already paid off by the time they were married). Kacy kissed her student loans goodbye on February 7th, 2019 and has been debt free ever since.

I'm In! Let's Do This!

It all started with a wake-up call

The first time I sat down to look at my loans, I found myself sobbing in the college library. Looking back, I can only wonder what people seated at the surrounding tables thought of my hysterical reaction: some 20-something girl crying on her laptop. The truth was, I was petrified about what I was going to do with all of these student loans. I knew that I would have to pay it back, but how? I knew a speech-language pathologist (SLP) starting out only made approximately $50,000 a year starting out. The really sad part was- I wasn't even done with my college education and I had three years left.

Fast-forward four years and I still found myself in a mess. I had the same feelings about debt that I had in that library, but without a strategy it was beginning to feel hopeless. I tried budgeting (emphasis on the tried), I looked into re-financing, I considered applying for loan-forgiveness programs, and I turned down many fun opportunities in hopes that it would help me pay off my loans faster.

It took years of doing it "wrong" to finally find what works. Let me fast forward the process for YOU so you don't waste your precious years after college (or any more years) on trying to pay off debt while seeing lack-luster results. 

-Kacy Barron, author of From Drowning in Debt to Debt Free

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You don't need to use loan-forgiveness or pay interest for 10 years

With loan-forgiveness programs being cut left and right and loan interest rates climbing, the only option we have is to learn how to prioritize our spending to make it work for us.

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Teaches you how to budget and how to pay off your student loans quickly

No get-rich-quick scheme or inheritance needed. Learn how to use what you already have to pay off your student loans.

You Don't Have to Be in Debt

Imagine life without those student loan payments: What would that mean to you? More money to save? More money to invest? More vacations? Flexibility to work part-time? You too can live a debt-free lifestyle by following the process I walk you through in this Ebook, From Drowning in Debt to Debt Free.

I'm Done with Being Broke!
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I feel like the suggestions were very do-able and choosing the 3 steps makes it seem less daunting.

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Thanks so much for this eBook! I’m graduating this summer and it was just the motivation I need to get me kickstarted on my journey to be debt free!

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WOW, this is just so fabulous!!  Thank you SO so much for sharing this with me.  Your 3 tips are awesome and I'm going to work on this for myself this weekend!

I'm Ready to Pay Off My Loans
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