About a year ago, I began to activate my mediumship gifts.

My spirit guides were very clear that gifts became more potent the more we healed ourselves. It was around the time I tested my mediumship gifts that my guides became very vocal in my dreams and in meditations.

I've since desired a group of people who were interested in growing and developing their gifts in a way that infused Divine Love and Spiritual Growth.

Whatever I was going to use these gifts for, it was definitely going to be for the good of all. It was never about making money, or even doing readings. It was about me. About what I craved deep down. For reasons I still don't completely understand- but many psychics say it has to do with me having done this in previous lifetimes.

Something in my soul kept telling me to keep going deeper. To keep trying new things. To keep testing myself and my gifts so I could get my logical brain to believe they were real.

So many spiritual programs out there are more about the...

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