Here’s My Exact Guide to Selling Your Offer on Instagram

Let me guess- you’re consistently posting on Instagram (IG) and getting great responses, double taps (I love those little hearts!), comments, and engagement, but feeling like you’re spending all this time creating value only to have little to no sales for your online business. Believe me- I know because I’ve been there. But I’m not there anymore, and it’s because I’ve learned how to convert Instagram followers into paying customers. If you’re wanting to turn that IG engagement and following (whether it’s a 10k following or a 100 person following) into a monetization strategy, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn how to use Instagram to sell your offer and help your followers eagerly open their wallets without using paid ads.


The Basics

Engagement on the ‘gram

If you’re getting some great engagement on Instagram, congratulations! The hard part is over. Once you have a following who likes your...

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