How To Do Tele AAC

So here we are.

I am not a teletherapist- and you're probably not, either, since you're here, reading this blog article! As an SLP, I'm used to in-person sessions, with regular, old-fashioned toys and games. But, one of the many things that has changed since COVID-19 has struck, is that I am now providing services for my clients who use AAC (augmentative alternative communication) via teletherapy.

I wanted to share what I've learned so far, so you can avoid the headaches, mistakes, and save time in learning how to do teletherapy with your clients who use AAC.

1. Get a Document Camera

This is HUGE for me. I use my document camera I made out of an old webcam and mic stand to model on AAC devices/low-tech supports (i.e., my iPad with AAC apps and a core vocabulary board). This allows the client to see your device on their big screen, as opposed to you holding it up to the camera that views your face and modeling awkwardly next to your face. You can find document cameras on Amazon, but...

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