My Kid is Nonverbal- What are My Options?

People often ask me what I do, and who I am!


Let me do a quick intro of myself. I’m Kacy Barron, a speech-language pathologist (SLP), which is our title but we are often referred to as speech therapists! We have that longer title because we actually do WAY more than just speech therapy.


Some things we do that are not just speech: expressive and receptive language, swallowing, feeding, cognitive communication, social skills, augmentative and alternative communication, voice, oral motor disorders, and more!


You can see that we have a pretty broad field! Which is why many of us SLPs specialize in an area or two. 


My specialty is in augmentative and alternative communication, or AAC.


Let me break that down for you! 


Augmentative = Supports verbal speech


Alternative = In place of verbal speech


Communication = Any form of expressing yourself


This article is written to help you understand how AAC can relate to...

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They Can Request With AAC, Now What?!

So, your student, client, or child can request using augmentative alternative communication (AAC). Now What?! 

Let me give you some examples of requesting:

"I want a drink."


"Me please."

"My turn."

"Get it."

There is SO much more than requesting that all humans should have access to. But, even if we know we want to add more communicative intent to our student/client/child's inventory, how do we facilitate that?

It's all in the modeling

It really is. We need to model (when we demonstrate and help a person use their AAC system) more types of sentences and communicative functions.

Here are the eight communicative functions listed in the Communication Intention Inventory (CII). They were considered to be representative of early intentional communication. These categories can be used to determine intervention goals (Austin, 2013):

1. Comment on action

2. Comment on object

3. Request for action

4. Request for object

5. Request for information

6. Answering a request for...

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