Religion and Spirit- My Story

Today, I'm a spiritual energy and manifestation coach, medium, and speaker. So, questions come to me frequently about religion and spirituality. In this article I will share my own religious and spiritual journey, and perhaps you will gain more clarity on your own path.

I grew up inside the Catholic church. I was baptized by my grandfather on my mother's side. He also gave me my first communion. You see, my grandfather was a deacon of our local Catholic church. As I learned in later years before he died of brain cancer, he truly believed that coming to the church saved his life in many ways. 

I attended church with my parents and younger brother every Sunday. We would even sometimes go on Saturday's and sleep in on Sunday. I remember Christmas masses, Easters, CCD. My parents taught CCD and hosted adult groups in our home from our church. We attended spaghetti dinners. My favorite memory of church was singing the songs. I loved the music.

One day, that all abruptly ended.

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