5 Online Businesses SLPs can Start Today

If you're an Speech-Language Pathologist like myself, you've seen the accounts on social media that sell their products online or their services online.

I'm sure you've thought about what it would be like to have your own online business that could bring in some extra money each month.

In this article, we discuss 5 businesses that have potential to bring you an income outside your 9-5 therapy gig.

Here are some possibilities:

1) Etsy Store

2) Teachers Pay Teachers

3) App development

4) Online courses

5) Telepractice

Etsy Store

There aren't too many SLPs doing Etsy stores, at this time. There is a lot of opportunity to create cute mugs, t-shirts, lanyards, jewelry, and other speechie-themed products. Aside from physical products, you could also create a digital product, which would mean 0 inventory! Digital products could include a picture, poster, visual supports for clients/patients, and planners. Check out Etsy.com to do some searching for yourself to see what products are sold in the individual stores!

Teachers Pay Teachers

If you haven't heard of Teachers Pay Teachers, you're missing out! Go to teacherspayteachers.com to see what I'm talking about. Many SLPs have their own stores in which they sell digital files of resources they have created for their own students or clients and are selling for some extra money each month. Popular stores are raking in BIG bucks, so there's definitely a potential here to make some money.

App Development

Do you have a favorite speech and language app that you use with your clients or students? The chances are an SLP made this app with the help of a coder. You can also be an app creator and sell an app in Android or Apple stores. It takes a bit of an investment to get this started, however, so definitely keep that in mind!

Online Courses

If you know anything about me, you know I do online courses for AAC. I host these online and get to reach SLPs all around the globe. It's been awesome to help other SLPs, parents, and educators learn about AAC. You can actually start an online course with no money, if you host it on a free platform like Facebook or Zoom.


Today, telepractice is getting more use than ever. You can run a business from the comfort of your home, or you could be employed by a company that provides telepractice to a caseload. Either way, you can work from home and make an income. Some people start small and grow their online caseload, while others jump in and do it full time right away (this would be easier to do if you're hired by another company as a contractor or employee). 

I want to start my own online business!

Great, but here's the thing! 90% of online businesses fail within the first 120 days. Yep. It's not as easy as it sounds. Here's the thing about online businesses: You have to know many different areas of running a business.

You have to know marketing, strategy, tools, branding, your strengths and weaknesses, and about the type of business you're trying to create.

If you don't have one of these things, your business will struggle.

That's why we created The SLPs Online Biz Course- it's what we wish we had when we started our businesses.

The SLP's Online Biz Course

In this course, I've teamed up with 5 other SLP online entrepreneurs, Megan Stewart, Susan Berkowitz, Barbara Fernandes, Marissa Rocheleau, and Sarah Weber. Each mentor has their own online business journey and knowledge, and we've combined the best of our tools and tips to teach other SLPs just starting out on their online entrepreneur journey how to get started.

Inside this course we cover:

1) Etsy: how to open a store and sell

2) Teachers Pay Teachers: learn to open a store and sell products for other SLPs and teachers

3) App development: learn how 2 SLPs developed and sold multiple apps for speech therapy

4) Online courses: you will become well versed in how to teach others about something you're passionate and knowlegeable about

5) Telepractice: learn the basics in getting started with teletherapy and making it a career

If you're really serious about starting an online speechie-related business, I highly recommend The SLP's Online Course Biz.

This course is only open from March 25th-April 1st 2020, so make sure you make up your mind soon if this opportunity sounds like it could be your chance to start your online business! We will be there to support you in your endeavors as you start your online business.

Also, check out our awesome bonuses if you buy the course before April 1st!

Hope to see you in there so we can help you in your #SLPBoss journey!


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