4 Reasons I Love High-Tech AAC


High-tech AAC is MY JAM. I just love it. I get 99% of my clients a high-tech device ASAP! Why, you ask? Why do I jump to high-tech when there are low-tech options I could use? Well… since you asked….

  1. High-tech is powerful. It creates a VOICE for that person (that is not mine). It has speech output!! Communication partners can listen to the client for the first time! The reaction of the clients can be downright tear-jerking and/or hilarious to hearing their voice.
  2. High-tech devices are the future. Everything is moving toward  advanced technology these days, and communication is no exception. We are ditching paper and we are moving on to iPads, tablets, computers, and phones. We should consider this when choosing a communication system.
  3. Less stigma. No lie, using a high-tech device like an iPad is “cooler” and less stigmatized than other low-tech mediums. I don’t like that using all types of AAC is stigmatized, but it’s the unfortunate reality.
  4. It’s less work. Seriously. Once I get the robust high-tech system in my client’s hands, there is less prep work, less customization, and less hassle. Making new boards and books is time consuming. With a high-tech device, all of the words are available all of the time. It’s a huge time saver.

Well, there are my top 4 reasons for using high-tech AAC. Low-tech and mid-tech AAC have their place as well, and are often uses in conjunction with high-tech. High-tech AAC has a special place in my heart. 

Hope this short & sweet blog post inspires you to try some high-tech AAC with your caseload!


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