About a year ago, I began to activate my mediumship gifts.

My spirit guides were very clear that gifts became more potent the more we healed ourselves. It was around the time I tested my mediumship gifts that my guides became very vocal in my dreams and in meditations.

I've since desired a group of people who were interested in growing and developing their gifts in a way that infused Divine Love and Spiritual Growth.

Whatever I was going to use these gifts for, it was definitely going to be for the good of all. It was never about making money, or even doing readings. It was about me. About what I craved deep down. For reasons I still don't completely understand- but many psychics say it has to do with me having done this in previous lifetimes.

Something in my soul kept telling me to keep going deeper. To keep trying new things. To keep testing myself and my gifts so I could get my logical brain to believe they were real.

So many spiritual programs out there are more about the teaching of psychic mediumship gifts but lack true mentorship. They also lack an essence of pure, divine love- which is the purpose of this all, to me. It's not about having more "power." It's not about making more money (though that can be a side effect). It's about following your soul desires.

It's also not about "well look, I knew what was going to happen." Or, "I knew what was wrong with her." It's about deeply loving yourself to the point that you're unlocking ancient wisdom and allowing yourself to envelop and embrace the natural gifts you've had all along.

My soul knows how to lead a group of awakening individuals to embrace their innate soul gifts. I've done it for lifetimes.

I've had to overcome a lot of questioning, constant avoidance, and negative self-talk to even offer this. Don't feel sorry for me- I did it to myself. Because I fought this for so long. I felt like an imposter- like "why me? Why am I supposed to do this?" and "Is this even real?"; "They'll think I'm crazy."

After talking to many of you extremely gifted individuals- I know I'm not superior to you or your gifts. But my soul desires to host a group that is about helping, supporting, and teaching each other soul wisdom. That taps into your frequencies that unlock and activate your mediumship, your clair senses, your ability to channel, intuition, and your psychic abilities.

Inside this 3 month program, I'll be sharing my experiences, my lessons, and my journey. I will guide you to heal the pieces of yourself that hold you back from all of your gifts. The witch wound. The womb work. The chakra healing.

I'll teach you mediumship if you don't have it already. I'll unblock your crown and third eye so you can see and receive spiritual wisdom.

Just because we are equal in spiritual gifts does not mean I cannot activate the frequencies within you that I've tapped into and you have yet to activate.

You have a unique soul blueprint to offer this world. You'll know if I can help you on your journey as you read this post.

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