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Ever feel like you're "faking it" when it comes to AAC therapy? Or maybe you know a little about AAC, but want to know how to do everything you need to for your clients with complex communication needs to be successful and make meaningful progress. If this describes you, you're in the right place! In AAC Diamond Core, we transform SLPs from frustrated and faking it to confident and valuable.

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The AAC Diamond Method™ Includes Training in Four Crucial Components

In order for you to successfully start using AAC in your therapy with your clients, you need to know these four areas of AAC: Assessment, funding, implementation, and training. At this time, there is no training that teaches all four components of AAC. That's what makes AAC Diamond Core the first of its kind.

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AAC Assessment

Learn EBP assessment strategies that will help you select a system that works for your client.

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AAC Funding

No more stressing over how to get an AAC device- learn how to get your clients speech generating devices funded through insurance.

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AAC Implementation

Discover how to implement a core vocabulary initiative in your workplace, how to model, and how to get results with your clients who use AAC.

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AAC Training

Training is a crucial component of AAC. Caregivers, staff, and family members need to know how to help your client use their device. Learn how to train team members so your client is supported outside of the therapy room.

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