Say Goodbye to Feeling Overwhelmed with AAC

I remember walking into my first day of a job to find multiple clients on my caseload with complex communication needs. I remember feeling overwhelmed, under-prepared, and confused as to where to start. Some of my clients already had low-tech communication systems, some had high-tech systems, and some of my clients had nothing at all to help them with their communication. I knew that it was my role to provide them with the best communication system possible.

Interestingly, the story and struggle was the same no matter what setting I was in: schools, medical settings, or private practice. There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you’re supposed to be the one with all of the answers, and you have none. I would ask questions in Facebook groups, ask my fellow SLP coworkers, look for relevant courses online that could answer my specific questions. However, these avenues usually came with lack-luster results, and I still felt confused and defeated day after day.

What did seem to help in the early days was mentorship from someone who had successfully assessed for and funded speech generating devices, who saw progress with their clients, no matter their challenges, and who knew how to advocate and train parents and staff. With a mentor’s help, I saw my skills transform and my clients blossom. I finally found the answers to my burning questions. 

With my new course, AAC Diamond Core Beta, I am providing this exact type of training to Speech Language Pathologists who are currently facing the challenges I was. I know that you’re looking for answers in how to assess patients for AAC, how to fund AAC devices, how to train staff and caregivers, and how to implement therapy before and after a device is purchased. I know this is what you’re looking for because I once was in your shoes.

Inside this course I’m including my brand new AAC Diamond Method. This method helps SLPs become proficient in the main areas of AAC with one course- as opposed to purchasing many different courses, reading multiple books and blogs, and attending multiple conferences and piecemealing them together. The AAC Diamond Core course is divided into four parts, with action steps to hold you accountable, provide reflection, and demonstrate all you have learned. 

This beta course will be hosted on Facebook to provide you a community of like-minded SLPs. Inside this private online Facebook group, I will be answering questions, providing Q+A sessions, and providing more value to you as you complete the course. Think of this as your giant think tank, with a mentor inside that is wanting to help you every step of the way.


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Learn how to assess individuals for low-tech, mid-tech, and high-tech AAC. Learn how to do a continuous assessment and adapt the AAC system to fit the user.

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Reports, wording, diagnoses that insurance often fund for, how to get trial devices... these are all topics covered in AAC Diamond Core. *U.S. only.

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Motor planning, scene displays, low-tech design and high-tech programming, core vocabulary... these are all areas of implementation that you will learn.

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Training Caregivers and Staff

Learn how to train caregivers and staff while building rapport and advocating for communication in the home and community.

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AAC Diamond Core Beta Course

Using the AAC Diamond Method, Learn: 1) Assessment, 2) Funding, 3) Implementation 4) Training Caregivers/Staff

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Become a Diamond in the Rough

Gaining the skills taught in AAC Diamond Core will make you a "diamond in the rough." The best AAC SLPs are created under pressure- just like a diamond. Soon, your value as a therapist will increase because you can provide comprehensive AAC services. You will become an AAC Diamond SLP. The rewards are not only improved services for your clients, but a more fruitful career.

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Why a Diamond?

We chose a diamond because the AAC Diamond Method™ is a four-sided approach to AAC training for Speech Language Pathologists. This is not offered anywhere else, and is a unique way to approach teaching SLPs augmentative, alternative communication. Most AAC courses teach implementation, OR assessment, OR training caregivers/staff. Almost none cover funding, and none combine these CRUCIAL components of AAC in one course. That's what makes the AAC Diamond Core course unique and valuable.

I Want In!

You Have Nothing To Lose...


With the Diamond Guarantee, there's nothing to lose. We promise to help you learn to assess your clients with complex communication needs, fund devices (U.S. only- funding varies from country to country), implement AAC therapy using evidence-based practice, and train caregivers and staff how to use the AAC system. If you aren't able to perform these crucial and necessary tasks at the end of this course, you will receive all of your money back. (For SLPs outside of the U.S., there is no guarantee you will learn to fund as this is insurance specific- however, you will learn skills for assessment, implementation, and training). 

I'm In Before this Opportunity is Over!

Doors Close Soon!

I know that you want to be the best SLP you can be. You want to change your client's lives, and make them more independent and capable than ever before. That's why you should join us in the AAC Diamond Core Beta- it's for SLPs who are ready to upgrade their AAC skill set.

Join AAC Diamond Core Today!

Learn EBP AAC and earn CMH (Certification Maintenance Hours) from the comfort of your own home. No hotels, no conference registration, no days off of work. Better yet, this course includes more practical, valuable information than you would most likely learn at a conference.

I'm Done Feeling Inadequate at AAC

I know you want the best for your clients. I know you sometimes feel lost when it comes to assessing, funding, implementing, and training others in AAC. I'm looking for a small number of SLPs to join me on Facebook for the next few weeks to learn more about AAC. And guess what?! It's cheaper now than it will EVER be in the future! Grab your seat before it's too late to snag this price!

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