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AAC Can Be Mastered

Most Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) feel they aren't ready to handle tough AAC cases. It's amazing what a knowledgeable mentor, resources, and accountability can do for your ability to change the lives of your clients with complex communication needs!

AAC Diamond Core is the first course of its kind to use the AAC Diamond Method™- in which we cover AAC assessment, funding, implementation, and training caregivers and staff all in one course. Are you ready to become an AAC Diamond SLP?!

Say Goodbye to Feeling Overwhelmed with AAC

As an SLP, you know what it’s like to walk in on the first day of a job to find multiple clients on your caseload with complex communication needs.

You feel overwhelmed, start thinking that "grad school didn’t prepare me for this," and that you don’t even know where to start.

Some of your clients may already have low-tech communication systems, some have high-tech, and some may have nothing at all. It’s your responsibility to provide your clients with the best communication system possible. And what makes this even more challenging, is that these same issues arise no matter what setting you work in: schools, private practice, home health, early intervention, or the medical setting.

You end up feeling frustrated because you’re supposed to have the answers, but you have very little. You try asking questions on Facebook, asking coworkers, your boss…. You try to find relevant courses online to help fill in the gaps.

But you know these avenues typically leave you with lack-luster results. You go to work still feeling defeated before the day even begins. 

What if you got mentorship from someone who had successfully assessed for and funded speech generating devices, who saw progress in their clients, no matter their challenges, and who knows how to advocate and train parents and staff?

With Kacy’s help, you will see your skills transform and your clients blossom. You will have the answers to your burning AAC questions.

With the course, AAC Diamond Core, you will receive this exact type of training designed for speech-language pathologists facing these challenges.

You want to learn how to assess, fund, implement, and train caregivers and staff in AAC without the headaches of searching online and debating if this next online AAC course will really have all you need to know.

Inside AAC Diamond Core, you will be taught with the AAC Diamond Method. This method will help you become proficient in the main areas of AAC with one course- as opposed to purchasing many different courses, reading multiple books and blogs, and attending conferences and piecemealing them together.

The AAC Diamond Core is divided into four lessons in two online live trainings, with the option to attend live or view the recording. 

Kacy has successfully helped dozens of other SLPs conquer AAC in their jobs. In fact, 100% of her past students highly recommend this course to other SLPs. Are you ready to make the decision to end the frustration and intimidation?

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Meet Your AAC Mentor, Kacy Barron

I grew up in the Chicagoland area, and now live in Amelia Island, Florida! I've worked in a variety of settings, including skilled nursing facilities, public schools, private schools, and private practice! I've provided AAC services in all settings, and can speak to many different challenges and obstacles SLPs face in each. I also have experience in AAC working with clients from birth to 88 years of age, with a variety of disabilities and challenges. This gives me an extremely unique perspective and ability to help SLPs in a variety of settings learn AAC. 

I love teaching and helping SLPs, from having graduate students, supervising clinical fellows, writing research papers, and coaching SLPs online in business and AAC.

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Danielle Kaluza-Murphy

While I had lots of knowledge in certain areas of AAC (e.i. implementation), I needed training in areas like funding and training staff. This course gave me such great in-depth information in an enjoyable and interactive format. I think other SLPs would get so much out of it! I also loved that if you are not available at the LIVE time for the videos, you can watch them when you are free.

What's Inside AAC Diamond Core:

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Learn how to assess individuals for low-tech, mid-tech, and high-tech AAC. Learn how to do a continuous assessment and adapt the AAC system to fit the user's needs and preferences.

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Reports, wording, diagnoses that insurance often fund for, how to get trial devices... these are all topics covered in AAC Diamond Core. *U.S. only.

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Motor planning, scene displays, low-tech design and high-tech programming, core vocabulary... these are all areas of implementation that you will learn.

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Training Caregivers and Staff

Learn how to train caregivers and staff while building rapport and advocating for communication in the home and community.

What You're Getting When You Enroll Today

$99.99 (One-Time Payment)


  • Two, Live 90-Minute Zoom Trainings Covering the AAC Diamond Method: $350 value
  • The AAC Funding Guide by Kacy Barron: $50 value
  • Access to Kacy Barron, MA, CCC-SLP for AAC-related questions via email or live in the training for 2 weeks: $250 value
  • Emails of links with resources that Kacy uses as an AAC specialist: $150 value
  • The AAC Diamond Core Workbook: $99 value
  • A year subscription to the AAC app, Fluent AAC: $59 value
  • A bonus module: Marketing your AAC skill set: $75 value

Total Value: $1032!!!

But You Will Snag All of This for Just $99.99!

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Why a Diamond?

We chose a diamond because the AAC Diamond Method™ is a four-sided approach to AAC training for Speech-Language Pathologists.

This is not offered anywhere else, and is a unique way to approach teaching SLPs augmentative, alternative communication.

Most AAC courses teach implementation, OR assessment, OR training caregivers/staff. Almost none cover funding, and none combine these CRUCIAL components of AAC in one course.

That's what makes the AAC Diamond Core course unique and valuable.

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This Course is for:

  • SLPs who want to know enough to serve their current clients well and with EBP.
  • SLPs looking to specialize in AAC and want a career focused in AAC.
  • SLPs who have a background knowledge in AAC and want to become more skilled.
  • SLP graduate students who want to learn more in-depth information on AAC that they are not learning in school.
  • Clinical Fellows who want to learn the AAC specialization so they can secure employment in a position with AAC.

This Course is NOT for:

  • SLPs with zero knowledge/understanding in AAC (like, you must know what I mean when I say AAC and why we need to know it).
  • SLPs who aren't ready to commit to learning AAC.
  • SLPs who believe there is a quick fix for AAC.
  • SLPs who are opposed to learning more about mid-tech and high-tech AAC.


Another Testimonial...

Kacy provided great information and great pointers! She knows her AAC in a variety of settings and shares wonderful and helpful information within this course. 

-Danielle Guerere, SLP

Doors Close July 17th!

I know that you want to be the best SLP you can be. You want to change your client's lives, and make them more independent and capable than ever before. That's why you should join us in the AAC Diamond Core- it's for SLPs who are ready to upgrade their AAC skill set.

AAC Diamond Core


What You'll Get:

  • Two, Live 90-minute zoom trainings covering the AAC Diamond Method: $350 value
  • The AAC Funding Guide by Kacy Barron: $50 value
  • Access to Kacy Barron, MA, CCC-SLP for AAC-related questions via email or live in the training for 2 weeks: $250 value
  • Emails of links with resources that Kacy uses as an AAC specialist: $150 value
  • The AAC Diamond Core Workbook: $99 value
  • A year subscription to the AAC app, Fluent AAC: $59 value
  • A bonus 30-minute module: Marketing your AAC skill set: $75 value
  • Total Value: $1032!!!
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