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I'm Kacy- a psychic medium and energy coach.

My clients are spiritual people who are desiring to enhance their connection to the spirit realm, activate their soul gifts, and connect with their ancestors and spiritual guides.

My gifts enable me to read into your energetic fields, hear your soul, and provide you words of wisdom from the other side of the veil.

My coaching clients work with me to expand their spiritual awareness, release emotional energy blockages, manifest money, partners, businesses, and opportunities, and to learn their own unique soul gifts.

We are all here for a divine purpose. Your spirit and angel team has been with you all along, guiding you. To hear their guidance, it can help to work with someone who can "translate" and teach you to understand their "language" and messages.

That's what I'm here to do. 

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15 Days of Spiritual Practice

If you're looking for meditations that actually work for manifesting money, activating your spiritual gifts, meeting your spiritual guides, and more, join me in The Liquid Gold Meditation Vault.

Inside this Vault I have 10 custom made meditations, including meditations that have manifested over 2 million dollars for my listeners since released.

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It's time to rise and expand your connection and soul gifts!

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Psychic Medium Party/Group Readings

$350 and Up

For Amelia Island, Yulee, Jacksonville, Florida, and Southern GA regions

  • Group mediumship and card readings
  • Private readings after group reading available
  • Price to be determined at time of booking

Our Core Values


Leading with personal sovereignty and faith, translating to self fulfillment in life.


Practicing self-inquiry, authenticity and discernment hones your soul's expression.

Aligned Action

Creating movement in areas that resonate with passion, from both application and engagement of intuition.


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