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Use the Free "My AAC Report Card" with Your Caseload

This report card helps to establish communication between parents, teachers, and therapists about a student or client's AAC use!

Invoke Inspiration for Communication

Learn More About AAC

AAC = Augmentative Alternative Communication. It's how individuals who are minimally verbal or nonverbal can communicate.

Find Your Starting Point

Get started using AAC with your clients! There's so much we can do to help facilitate communication.

Autism + AAC = Awesome

My new course is about AAC and Autism. Learn how you can implement AAC with this population!

Education that makes a difference. A community & support that not only positively affects your clients, but improves YOUR confidence.

Want to know what it takes to teach AAC?

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"Kacy has a wealth of knowledge related not only to AAC tech, but how to help therapists and families actually access their AAC through funding and training. She is passionate about working with clients who have significant communication needs and finds opportunities to celebrate even small milestones with families. I wish I'd met her earlier in my career so I could have implemented AAC better in my own practice."

Marissa Rocheleau
SLP & Owner of Linguabilities

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Written with insights from Kacy Barron, AAC Specialist


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