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My amazing clients are individuals who are on the hamster wheel of life- they've run themselves ragged trying to keep up with the other hamsters (who likely feel just as stuck). 

They aren't happy with the results their business or career has handed them. They are constantly moving around, jumping from one career to the next, one business to the next. They're sick of always feeling like they're a step behind everyone else. They long for belonging and a 'home.'

In my transformational coaching, I use mediumship and energy to help guide your soul through the initiation. The world needs your gifts, and you can live in a sacred place where your soul is truly at home and at peace. Where you belong.

I'm Kacy Barron, a psychic medium transformational coach. I help spiritual people master their energy alignment to manifest the money and life they desire.

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How To Work With Me

These are the current offerings to work with Kacy



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Weekly videos and content to help spiritual men and womxn manifest their millionaire lifestyle.


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Manifestation Reading



30 minute spiritual reading

Uncover what has been holding you back from your inevitable success.

Connect with your soul to determine next steps.

Oracle cards will be pulled, as well as channeling from Kacy.


Entrepreneur Manifestation Reading



60 minutes of spiritual guidance

Uncover the blocks that are holding you back in your business.

Connect with your soul for next steps inside your business.

Receive spiritual insights so you can scale and begin manifesting more easily.

The following may be used:

-oracle cards


-human design


Our Core Values


Leading with personal sovereignty and faith, translating to self fulfillment in life.


Practicing self-inquiry, authenticity and discernment hones your soul's expression.

Aligned Action

Creating movement in areas that resonate with passion, from both application and engagement of intuition.


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