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I help speech-language pathologists effectively overcome their barriers to implementing AAC therapy to their clients through techniques that are research based and presume competence.
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Invoke Inspiration for Communication

Feel Like You're Lost When it Comes to AAC?

It's common for SLPs to feel overwhelmed when it comes to AAC. Our content is designed to help you gain confidence working with individuals with complex communication needs.

You're Not Alone

Many SLPs feel that they don't know enough about AAC to serve their clients with complex communication needs. Know that you're not alone- and there is an answer to your frustration.

Take Your First Step Toward Feeling Confident Implementing AAC

You don't have to be alone in this, and you don't have to keep going the way you're going (you know, kind-of-trying to do AAC). You can be the SLP that helps their nonspeaking clients find their voice!

Download Your Free Progressive Core Vocabulary Boards

Designed to grow with the AAC user while keeping the motor plan the same, these four progressive core boards are ready to be downloaded and used- just print and laminate! Core vocabulary makes up 80% of our daily language- which is why it's recommended for use with our clients who are emergent communicators. 

Download Your Core Boards

AAC Diamond Core

Learn about the 4 essential sides of AAC therapy- and how to become an AAC Diamond SLP. Sign up to be on the email list to learn about the next course openings!

I exist to equip and inspire SLPs to help their patients and clients find their voice, help families find relief, and provide the opportunity for our clients with complex communications needs to show the world who they truly are.

-Kacy Barron

"Kacy has a wealth of knowledge related not only to AAC tech, but how to help therapists and families actually access their AAC through funding and training. She is passionate about working with clients who have significant communication needs and finds opportunities to celebrate even small milestones with families. I wish I'd met her earlier in my career so I could have implemented AAC better in my own practice."

Marissa Rocheleau
SLP & Owner of Linguabilities

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